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Project Description

Beyond These Shores

Campaign to build awareness for Spiritual Pilgrimages and Retreats.

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photo of waves lapping up at the shore on the CA coast


We helped completely rebrand and reimagine Beyond These Shores. Working closely, in several sessions with Don and Charlotte, we provided a strategy framework to help them discover how  they wanted to present themselves to their audience. Using this information we developed a very symbolic logo, business cards and a new website that perfectly reflects the spiritual aspect of their work. We are also beginning an outreach campaign to spread the word.

The Client

Beyond These Shores creates space for you to settle in, and quiet the noise of busyness so you can listen to, and embrace, your spiritual heartbeat. They provide retreats, spiritual direction and exercises, pilgrimages and resources to their community.

  • branding and style guide
  • website design and development

  • business cards and letterhead

  • social media strategy

  • market strategy and research

Website strategy, design and development

screenshot of Beyond These Shores mobile website
screenshot of Beyond These Shores website

Website strategy, design and development

screenshot of Beyond These Shores websitescreenshot of Beyond These Shores mobile website


Beyond These Shores logo

Business Cards with a variety of back designs

graphic display of Beyond These Shores business cards


graphic of a bodhi leaf icon

Beyond These Shores has successfully rebranded and clarified their offerings. They are actively reaching out to their community and filling up retreats and pilgrimages. They continue to refine their programs as they start a new email campaign to their followers. We look forward to continuing our relationship as their outsourced marketing and technology team.

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