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Project Description

Shape of Life

Campaign to build an extensive video library website and promote these free on-line tools to teachers

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We worked with Shape of Life for six years, first assisting in the production of over 100 video clips developed from the PBS/National Geographic series “The Shape of Life” then building a robust video library website to house the content for streaming or download. After the original video repository was developed we then began to add resources and lesson plans and worked closely with the Shape of Life team to develop strategy to reach our target audience. This included developing print collateral, DVD packaging, e-newsletter outreach, a social media campaign and materials for trade show participation.

The Client

Shape of Life was developed as a free video series for science teachers to use in their classroom for students of all ages. Curriculum and resources have also been created and aggregated to assist teachers with developing well-rounded lesson plans. The videos are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and are sorted by category or topic for easy use. This allows for videos to be cross referenced and searched by science standards, topic, or specific keywords. Videos are easily streamed or downloaded for classroom use. DVDs of the series are also available.

  • branding and style guide
  • website design and development

  • e-newsletter creation

  • DVD packaging

  • business cards

  • social media strategy

  • market strategy and research

  • banner design for trade shows

  • magazine advertisements

Website strategy, design and development

screenshot of Shape of Life mobile website
screenshot of Shape of Life website

Website strategy, design and development

screenshot of Shape of Life websitescreenshot of Shape of Life mobile website

E-news strategy, design and development

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DVD packaging

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Shape of Life logo

Conference Banners

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The Shape of Life website is now used by teachers and students worldwide. The website has grown from being a video repository to being a comprehensive resource for teachers to share the wonders of the natural world and create their own curriculum from our high quality science content. Our target audience outreach was successful: social media audiences significantly increased on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and our on-line eNewsletter campaigns commonly yield a 25 – 40% open rate.

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